Starting with compelling ideas, we make every effort to provide excellent technical and creative communication assistance. From the strategy to the tactics, from the initial design to the implementation, our expertise in Health Care Communications covers every aspect of our client’s needs, with a 100% healthcare approach and results oriented.

  • branding


    For over 25 years we’ve worked connecting strategic and creative thinking, developing engaging brands that set categories, shape perceptions and create enduring value.
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  • Communications

    We are at the begining of a metamorphosys time for global healthcare. Advancements in IT -information technology-, nanotechnology, robotics, and other disciplines are transforming the whole healthcare ecosystem for patients and providers alike.
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  • technology

    Technology (eHealth)

    At SRP Health Care Communication we use a wide variety of IT resources and digital opportunities to reach our target audiences: ranging from Websites and Web-Based tools to Mobile and Social Media Applications, and focusing in both: direct-to-consumer and direct-to-professional communications.
    For our IT professionals, Social Media holds a tremendous potential value for the Pharmaceutical Industry and Health Care Organizations as they can be used to reach stakeholders, aggregate information and leverage levels of collaboration.
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  • Key Messages

    Key messages are the core of your communication activities. Powerful Key messages open the door to meaningful communications with your audience, because they bridge what your audience already knows and where you are trying to take them. At SRP we specialize in creating meaningful key messages to reach successfully the hearts and minds of your stakeholders.
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  • Medical Artworks

    In the ever-expanding digital world, visual learning has become increasingly prominent. When done correctly, an image or video can make an abstract concept understandable and tangible. We believe in the power of visual media to advance education, patient care, scientific understanding, and research, and we know how to do it right.
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