About Us

Global healthcare is in metamorphosis. The entire healthcare environment is transforming for consumers and providers alike – and we’re keeping up!
We are witnessing a new era where consumers worldwide will increasingly monitor their health data in real-time, and this information will enable healthcare providers to better coordinate care, improve results, and reduce costs. We will see new forms of treatment and disruptions of operational and business models soon.
At SRP Health Care Communication, we understand in this new era where consumers hold the power and patients worldwide are increasingly able to monitor and understand their health with the help of technology.
With all these changes come new stories to tell, new brands to create, and new gaps to bridge, and who better to help you than a specialized marketing company with over 25 years of expertise? We are an experienced agency in healthcare marketing and communications with the tech and business know-how that you need to triumph in the opportunities ahead. We offer cutting-edge solutions and services to help innovators overcome the new challenges of an environment in flux. Most importantly, we understand the industry and its key players. We’ve worked with medical devices manufactures for a wide range of projects; ranging from startups to global corporations.