We work with a wide range of clients in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries: from small and medium size physician’s practices to global pharmaceutical corporations.

The pharmaceutical sector has had a significant impact on the modern world. At SRP Health Care Communication, we are proud to partake in this history.
From product launches to medical education, from clinical trial reporting to public health awareness campaigns, we’ve had our hands full, continually working on standard-setting projects that have been recognized with multiple awards.
With expertise that spans all areas of pharmaceutical action, such as gastroenterology, cardiology, dermatology, endocrinology, hematology, immunology, neurology, oncology, and rare diseases, our team has myriad experience with global, regional and local projects. We work closely with our clients to identify their unique story, translate it for their target audiences, and ensure that story resonates well across nationalities and time zones.

Hospitals and medical centers are at the heart of our health and well-being. Whether they are publicly or privately funded, they assemble teams of healthcare professionals, coordinate care across facilities, invest in leading technologies, and potentially help sustain whole communities!
At SRP Health Care Communication we help hospitals and medical centers address a range of communication challenges that arise in their high-powered sector. With a deep understanding of the media, patients, science and medicine, and the way policies impact them all, we are able to create and execute the stories and campaigns that powerfully resonate with people. We’ve helped healthcare providers and hospitals communicate their value and demonstrate their commitment, ultimately establishing them positions in of leadership in their markets.

Health-related foundations and nonprofits, such us patient advocacy groups, are constantly disrupting the status quo and pushing agendas to improve people’s lives. We help them make it happen.
We work with a broad spectrum of healthcare nonprofits from large foundations to patient organizations to create awareness, develop compelling untold stories, and to facilitate communication programs that resonate with opinion leaders, government, the media, and the diverse communities they serve. On certain occasions, we collaborate pro bono with non-profit organizations, helping them establish connections with companies who share common goals.
Our team has helped establish and expand community-based health delivery organizations through the years. We consider ourselves a mission-based agency standing ready to work towards the goals of our foundations and non-profit partners.

Among all of the players in the healthcare environment, health insurance companies face their own complex marketing and communication challenges. Health insurance companies engage with multifaceted issues – the outcomes of which can determine not only the future of the company, but most importantly, the individual patients they insure. As with all at-risk industries, a practical and effective communications strategy is often the best support against events that could potentially damage corporate brands.
At SRP Health Care Communication, we love these challenges. Our seasoned team exercises their expertise to help insurance firms achieve their goals and reach the top of their market. Whether it’s building brand recognition or educating consumers about health insurance matters to reach their market online, we know exactly how to tackle it.

Medical associations, societies, and research groups are key actors in the healthcare spectrum, and we how to work with them and how to work for them. We help medical organizations make the leap to smart, ethical, and profitable marketing.
Establishing local and global presence is a continuous goal. We don’t just consider traditional media options, rather, we work with a variety of multi-media and multi-channel techniques to promote each organization to the top of their market. We go far beyond the basics. Learning from feedback and using it to optimize results is an essential part of what we do.

At SRP Health Care Communication, we are committed to helping doctors market their practices to attract new patients, create their brands, enhance their reputations, and maximize their business success. Whether you are running a walk-in clinic, a medical practice, or a dental office, you may agree that communication and branding are key to running a successful medical business.
We can help you convert website visits and phone inquiries into real visitors, turn those visitors into repeat patients, and develop and execute campaigns for increased doctor referrals – all while ensuring outstanding patient experiences. We succeed in bringing more patients, and bringing the appropriate patients, to your practice.
Our award-winning team is dedicated to improving patient outcomes through better communication and elevating your healthcare practice to new levels of profitability and productivity.

At SRP Health Care Communication, we understand beauty and aesthetic medicine. Our practice has helped a wide range of players, from practitioners such as dermatologists, dentists, and plastic surgeons, to pharmaceutical companies and medical devices manufacturers succeed. Aesthetic medicine has the potential to improve people’s quality of life and psychological well-being and we take this very seriously. We apply our communication and marketing skills to the medical aesthetic environment seamlessly with our knowledge of and experience with the industry. We amplify the value of our clients’ brand, open up new opportunities for innovative communications, distinguish brands in their markets, and build brand momentum to ultimately convert consumers and patients into lifetime fans.

From dental implants to medical devices connected to the internet, the industry is experiencing an unimaginable evolution transforming the healthcare environment. Health Technology & Devices Manufacturers are facing an exciting marketing and communications challenge. At SRP Health Care Communication, we have the expertise to help them succeed.

Every day, governments worldwide make decisions that impact how businesses operate and succeed. In the case of healthcare industries – whether you’re a pharmaceutical company, a device manufacturer, an insurance organization or a practitioner – government regulation, procurement, and funding can have an enormous impact on your ability to succeed. We’ve worked creating tools and communication materials in public affairs, bridging the gap between the government and these organizations, but also directly with governments to help them communicate effectively with their audiences. Governments need communication tools to deliver public health information to their audiences, and we know just how to develop and implement them.
We understand these affairs differ by country and by culture, and we are skilled in these cultural or linguistic complexities, assuring communication will never be misunderstood or poorly received in a different place.